Ravine Terrace Condo Assn.

Infrared solved a window problem that we were dealing with for years. Their professionalism and no-nonsense approach to getting the job done efficiently and at reasonable cost has instilled our confidence.

Dwayne and Karen Patterson

Infrared Home and Building Solutions (IHBS) identified deficiencies that were missed by a home inspection agency. IHBS assigned crews to perform emergency remediation and stayed with the project until completion.

We found IHBS to be knowledgeable, reliable and fair. Ryan was very helpful and guided us through a very stressful and unexpected restoration. We would not hesitate to refer IHBS to anyone in need of remediation and or restoration.

Donna Mae Cartledge

Ryan and his crew are dependable, knowledgeable and gave their all to the challenges I faced with my home renovations.

They worked in rain storms, wind storms and always had a caring professional attitude. They worked as a team to accomplish quality work and gave me a safe protected home. I had them returned to my home to do my basement and again looked out for me and have given me quality work and savings for rebate programs. A highly trusted crew for dependability.

Stephen M Rodda

As a property manager I like most dread that 3 am wake up call to advise me of another flood in somebody’s unit. I can send all kind of disaster relief or restoration companies to clean up the mess but that is only if the flood has been mitigated.

I started working with Ryan and his team at Infrared home and building solutions in 2017 and have never looked back. Their team is amazing. Not only can I dispatch them at 3 am to clean up the mess they will also determine the source of the leak even if that means waking up other residents that may be unknowingly causing the flood with an overrunning toilet or bathtub. They are also very knowledgeable about building envelope concerns and if the source of the flood isn’t obvious their team can usually investigate and determine the actual source including building envelope issues.

Their time to complete repairs is also well over and above disaster relief companies as rather than outsourcing the work to various trades they use their own internal staff on all jobs, this not only speeds up the process it also helps prevents any additional stress on homeowners who are having to deal with the flood in their unit. They also seem to have a bedside manner in dealing with homeowners in these situations by calming them down and assuring them that things will get repaired. The only feedback I have ever had from residents was what a good job they did or it’s like it never happened.

I recommended Infrared home and building solutions to anyone that wants a disaster relief company that can get the job done form start to finish. Like all property managers we are very busy and I need to know the vendor’s I am sending can get the job done in the most efficient and expedient mater possible, Ryan and his team have continually demonstrated that ability to me.

Jay Siracky - CS Management

Please accept this letter as gratitude for the excellent services provided by your company over the past years. Your company has presented outstanding professionalism while completing the many projects you have been assigned to. We thank your administration staff and all your employees’ on-site who have completed all these projects. CS Management Inc. would highly recommend your company in any venture whereby each party expects perfection and proficiency.

Curtis Siracky, President / Owner CS Management Inc.

CS Management Inc. has utilized the services of Infrared Home and Building Solutions Inc. since 2011. Ryan Billard and his staff are always quick to respond in emergency situations, provide key and knowledgeable information at competitive market rates. Infrared Home and Building Solutions Inc. is motivated to ensure that your property, people and contents are protected and that you will always be greeted with a friendly smile.

The work that they perform cannot be compared and CS Management Inc. has supported this firm as they continue to grow. Ryan and his team have worked on small jobs, but have also completed multi million dollar building envelope projects for our team. They have also worked with other contractors and engineering firms to get the job done and are not afraid to tackle any sized job. If you’re looking for that one person to help you get things done honestly, ethically and right, Infrared Home and Building Solutions Inc. is your right choice.

Kerry Singh

I have had work done on multiple properties over the last 9+ years by the Infrared team. I am always impressed by the accuracy of their quotations, the cleanliness of the job site, the customer centric attitude of everyone and of course the excellent end results of each project. I recommend IHBS to all of my friends and family and will continue to use their services for years to come. Thanks Ryan & Team!