Breathe Easy

Get piece of mind by having your home or office tested for allergens, particulates or other airborne irritants. We specialize in testing and treatment for allergy and asthma issues, odours and more.

We sanitize and purify the entire home or office environment - eliminating odours, breaking down chemicals and gases as well as sanitizing both air and surfaces.

Mold Testing

Our inspection services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) / Mold Sampling
  • Independent 3rd Party Lab testing
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Suggestions for solutions


Our solutions to mold and other environmental problems (bacteria, viruses, yeasts etc.) are specifically chosen so we’re not fixing one problem by introducing another - namely "harmful chemical" treatments. Our biocides and surface protectants are natural, enzyme and water-based products. Our air systems replicate natures processes indoors to eliminate microbial contamination, odours and chemicals from your indoor environments.

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